Kids Room Interior

There are many things that need to be planned when one thinks of decorating kids’ room. Various things such as color themes, design concept, layout, space for boys, play area, study furniture and décor accents have to be very well thought of. While designing kids’ room interior, their personal preferences, genders and ages have to be taken into consideration.

· Design concept – when parents sit and discuss the design theme with their children, his practical issues and tastes must be considered. Certain themes are outgrown, when the kids grow up. These themes include a fantasy inspired theme or a pirate themed bedroom. Fancy designs that can be replaced and changed easily can be implemented. Mural of pirate figures can be made instead of miniature pirate ships.

· Color theme – The feelings and moods of the people are affected by the colors. People can be made hyperactive and excited by using colors such as orange, yellow and red. Colors like blue and green give a very calming effect. Moderate colors that help in maintaining and creating a moderate tone balance should be used. However, warm and strong colors must be avoided as the room is overwhelmed with many energetic colors. Bright accent colors can be used on canvas wall art and lampshades. When one wishes to change the color themes, the décor accents can be changed with pieces in other colors. While designing kids’ room interior, neutral colors must be maintained in large areas so the whole room is not repainted.

· Sleeping furniture – If there are two or more kids who will be occupying the room, storage beds or bunker beds should be used. These beds are multi-purpose and very space saving. 3 kids can also be accommodated by some beds.

· Layout – the floor and layout must be planned very properly. This should accommodate the play area, the bed, shelves for toys and books, wardrobe closet and study table. If one doesn’t have a spate study room or a play room, it is very important to have all these in one room. The floor must be planned in such a way that the furniture pieces do not crowd the room.

· Wardrobe and storage – cabinets and fitted shelves must be installed in the room for minimizing a cluttered look. If the surroundings are cluttered, children will not be able to study. As kids grow, they accumulate more and more junk in their rooms. Vertical cabinets, wall shelves and corners must be used for saving space. Free standing cabinets must be used for preventing furniture from toppling over kids. Double purpose furniture like chairs, tables and storage beds must be used with hidden storage bins.

· Décor accents – Appropriate canvas wall art must be used for beautifying the kids’ bedroom. A color combination must be used in accordance with the bean bag and rug in the bedroom. Lamps with cartoon prints or shades in bright colors must be used for decorating the room. The window dressing must also match the concept theme and the color.

Thus, designing kids’ room interior involves lot of enjoyment and fun.

Home Furnishings

Houses or homes are the places to live in and not the places for selling. Few years back, the houses were decorated with neutral colors so that the buyers are not influenced by personal taste. In the past, colorless spaces were broken up by bland vases. These vases belonged to the previous ages. Home furnishings are real things that are meant for converting real places into living spaces. Few years back, they were not to be seen. Home furnishings suit the old phrase of “makes a house a home”. Wardrobes, beds and sofas are included in the home furnishings. Other things may also include ornamental bowls, candlesticks and cushions. This makes a great space for a person to live in.

Home Furnishings The art of decorating the homes and home furnishings is a very big task. People usually spend of their time at homes. A lot of care and effort is included in decorating and furnishing the homes. A person gets an opportunity to infuse his unique talents and personality in the homes. Other than an opportunity and creative challenge, the art of home furnishing can also be a great pastime.

It is an enjoyable experience to sit at home and plan for decorating a room. One can use his imagination for turning blank rooms into perfect living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms.

However, it is very stressful and difficult to convert this dream into a reality. Before people visit the stores for buying home furnishings, proper planning is very essential. One might not always get what he is looking for. Sometimes the furniture piece is brought home but it doesn’t match the color scheme.

However there are many better ways to do it. Some people are very happy to add new things to the room over a period of time. If one has moved to a new house, one needs to get every room in a livable state.

An effective, easy and a quick way of doing this is thing is to visit a store in which all kinds of furniture and home furnishings are stocked. This enables the customers to compare different types and different brands of furnishing. One can also check whether the furnishings that are being purchases match the other furnishings or not. The level of service that these shops offer is also great. Every minute thing that a house requires is understood by the staff of these shops. They provide the customers with some stunning and great combinations that work very well together. Different ways are chosen by different people for decorating their homes. Some people are very well aware of the basics of decorating their homes. Some people wish to buy many home furnishings in spite of the lack of space. At such times, a shop that serves all the needs must be chosen. This way better result can be achieved. The styles and colors can also match well, if purchased from the same store. Thus one should purchase such home furnishings that will make the house look perfect.

Kids Room Design

The taste and the personality of kids are reflected by the kids’ room design. Some extra efforts are taken by parents for pleasing the choices and preferences of children when it comes to decoration and design of their rooms. However a professional design team cannot be afforded by all the parents. Here comes the cooperation and creativity for the kid’s room design. Given below are 5 tips that help in designing a kid’s room that he can enjoy for many years.

· Kiddie themes must be avoided.

Kids’ Room Design Kiddie themes such as cute animals, cartoon characters and superheroes must be avoided. This is because; kids will not remain small forever. Themed kiddie rooms are very pricey sometimes. The reason for this being the bed sheets, paint designs and color themes.

· A proper color combination must be used.

One should go for casual but fresh color combinations. This will give a youthful approach to the kids room design. Colorful paints can be used on the furniture, ceilings and walls. Fun and youth can be captured can also be captured without inculcating a particular theme. It is very easy to add a color to the room by providing rugs, accessories and kid’s bed sets.

· Quality furniture must be chosen

Quality furniture is always needed in a kid’s room. The cabinets and bed are very expensive and hence it is very essential to choose good quality furniture. A big bed should be brought by the parents for their kids in order to avoid problems during teenage years. Focus is on the aesthetics rather than function and quality and this is surely a big mistake. Some serious fun can also be added to serious looking beds by painting them. This will help in complementing the color themes of the rooms. Some blankets, pillows and colorful bed sheets must be thrown in for making it more pleasing and appealing.

· Storage and organization

Parents must instill cleanliness and organization in the kids. But not all kids clean up the mess after playing. Thus the kid’s room must be provided with baskets and storage bins for maintaining an organized and a clean room. The kids must be given the responsibility of keeping and caring for his stuff. This will help the kid realize the importance of cleanliness. The furniture should be very pleasant and a splash of color should be added to it.

Safe flooring and lights

Kid’s room design must include safe and proper lighting. The lightings are required for studying as well as playing. The kids’ rooms must also include nightlights. But it should be made sure that the lights are kid-friendly and safe. The flooring must also be safe. Soft cushions such as carpets, soft floor mats and rugs must also be provided in the kids’ rooms. It is not necessary that the decoration and design of the room have to be exclusive and pricey. So a proper planning is very essential while designing a kid’s room.

Interior Designs – Window Treatments for Skylights and Sidelights Windows

Windows adds their unique touch to a home decor. There are various types of windows and accordingly, you need to plan the window treatments. In case of Skylights, you should consider cellular shades that add insulation to your window. They are available in single, double and triple cell. The triple cell provides the extreme insulation. Cell shades looks gorgeous and are available in wide variety of colours that compliments almost any décor.

Skylights and Sidelights windows You can purchase the cell shades with a motorized function that is useful for skylights that are out of reach. In case you would like to use an affordable cell shades then you can consider pleated shades that possess good insulating properties and looks similar to cell shades. There is a variety of light-filtering options available in both cellular and pleated shades that allow you to decide how much light you want to filter. Moreover, both these shades are designed specially to work with skylights. They have side tracks for holding the shade in place and permit it to open and close.

The usage of proper sidelights makes the entry way in your home attractive and efficient. You can choose Sidelight shades with the narrow widths and they come in limited choices. However, you can select from other sidelights shades including woven wood shades, cellular shades as well as sheer shades. The woven woods are available in a wide variety of materials and weaves. You can choose the material from bamboo, wood planks grasses, rope, matchsticks, and others. Usually, these materials are often woven together in varying combinations. You can also purchase the optional liners for added room-darkening and privacy. Sheer shades form an adaptable and graceful choice for sidelights. You can select woven woods for the sheer variety of fabric and other material combinations, however cellular shades and sheer shades comes with more universal appeal.

Interior Design – How to Get Daylight in Night Time

Daylight in Night TimeWith compact fluorescent light bulbs, you can have sunlight at any time. It is so similar to that of sunlight that you will feel like receiving the sun light from a window at night time. It is possible to design the Compact fluorescent light bulbs for producing a variety of colour temperatures. The term Colour temperature refers to the colour tone of light. For example, the standard incandescent light bulbs offer the low colour temperature up to 2700K or lower. Thus, in order to manufacture incandescent bulbs that offer different colour light, the manufacturers need to coat the glass and change the colour of the light artificially. The compact fluorescent light bulbs can produce natural colour temperatures without any artificial coating on the glass.

Usually, the usage of 2700K or lower colour incandescent light bulbs are common as they are warm, however with 5000K compact fluorescent light bulbs, you can get a bright white light which is comparable to daylight. It looks pretty different from the dull light of gloomy incandescent light bulbs. Some of the CFL manufacturers consider 6500K as the daylight colour temperature; however others regard 5000K as daylight. The usage of daylight in the night time allows you to carry on various activities in the night time.

You can get the desired light with compact fluorescent light bulbs as it provide both the warm/yellowish incandescent light (2700K colour temperature range) as well as bright clear white light(the 5000K range). The appropriate light really makes up the entire mood in your house in day as well as night time. It is preferred to use the bright light in your study room where you want plenty of light even in night time. In other cases, you may use the warm light in the night time.

Interior Design – How to Design Basement

The designing of the basement of the house provides great opportunity for turning basement into exciting room. Basement design requires you to think creatively and with imagination you can come up with lots of interesting ideas for making basement an interesting place to live.

Using the Basement as Workout Room – You can use your basement as the workout room. Nowadays, there is growing awareness about keeping good health and going to Gym regularly. You can purchase various gym equipments like tread mills, weight sets, and other machines. You can arrange them in the basement nicely and thus get start to enjoy your own private gym.

Design Basement Using the Basement as Workshop – You can arrange for sufficient lighting and door space in your basement so as to easily move the things in and out. Using a basement as workshop is a very interesting idea and you can save money in looking out for space outside for workshop.

Using the Basement as a Bar cum Entertainment Room – In case you struggle with the space for entertaining your guests upstairs, you may consider using the basement for arranging the party downstairs. All you need to do is to put some mini kitchen in the basement and some entertaining elements.

Using the Basement as Home Theatre – The basement can be your big TV room where you can keep your LCD flat screen. Thus, turning basement into a movie/TV room is a rocking idea where you can put your big speakers and enjoy a great movie experience.

Using the Basement as Office – It can be an ideal place for those who works from their home. You can shift your office in basement and works from there. Thus, everyday, you need to move downstairs to go to your office and on moving upstairs you can reach your home.

Interior Design – How to Decorate your Home with Mirrors

Mirrors are the utmost requirement in the house and you can do a home improvement effortlessly by decorating the mirrors designs. Mirrors can instantly change the appearance of your house. Mirrors can generate the wide range of effects such as opening a space, reflecting colours, creating new light effects, and highlighting the illusion of depth. You can use mirrors as both creative and functional devices. You need to think very creatively while considering mirror placement. You can place mirrors in various places where they can work wonders.

Decorate your Home with Mirrors You can place the hanging mirror behind the attractive table at the front door. That way, you can always ensure that you are looking great before leaving the house. You can place a vase of fresh flowers on that table and with mirrors creating their magic; you have two vases that enhances the beauty of the room significantly. Thus, you can view your face with flowers. You can hang a beautifully framed mirror over the mantel. You can get larger reflection by using the mirror of the size of the mantel. With that, your room will get the enhanced interior lighting with reflected light. You got to be smart and creative enough in hanging mirrors generally.

You can transform a blank wall into attractive artistic design by hanging the several mirrors of different sizes and shapes. You can paint the frames of the mirror to match the colour of the wall and hang them with the help of complimentary ribbon. It will generate the captivating effect. In case you have a small, dark room without any windows, you can hang a large frameless mirror on the walls and make use of the larger wall area. If you want you can get a custom made frameless mirrors at affordable rates. You will see that with such mirrors, your small room appears to have a large space. Moreover, the mirrors will also brighten the room by reflecting the light.

Interior Design – How to Decorate the Wall with Hanging Art

It requires a creativity and effort to display art on the wall in such a way that looks attractive and catches the instant attention. By following the below mentioned points, you can display the art on the wall effectively.

Art Grouping: By grouping the various art objects can renders an interesting touch to the wall. You can group the pictures into two or three sets. If you have odd numbered groups then it suggest a focal point. In case of even numbered groups, you have show case organized effect. You can easily change an even numbered grouping into an odd numbered one by adding a unique element that complements the rest of the group. Using a mirror or a wall designs can be added to make a group.

How to Decorate the Wall with Hanging Art Art and Furniture: You should place the furniture in the room into their positions before hanging the art pieces. Thus, you can use the furniture as a guide for determining the hanging height and positioning of the pictures. It is advised to avoid using a group of pictures wider than the furniture piece lying below it. The proper length should be at least half the length of the furniture. You should not place the picture or the group too low on the wall or too close to the furniture. Also, avoid placing them too high to create gap between the furniture and the picture.

Hang Art at the Right Height: You should take care of not hanging the pictures too high on the wall. It is always better to hang the picture at eye level. You should also consider the purpose of the room before hanging pictures. For example, in case of a dining room or living room where guests will be seated, you should hang the pictures about 5 to 6 inches above the backs of chairs. Similarly, in the hallway or stairway, it is recommended to place your pictures higher as people would be standing upright in these places.

Avoid Cluttering : You should avoid cluttering of the pictures and do not place them too close to each other.

Interior Designs – Home Painting Trends and Interior Design Styles

There are basically two types of home painting trends including interior and exterior colour trends.

While choosing the colours for painting the home, it is advised that you should always paint colours that are stylish. You can think of nature while selecting them as nature never loses its appeal and never goes out of style. It is recommended to use the white, beige, grey, brown, and tan colours in moderation.

Interior: You can choose white colour for painting as it is the most common paint colour and it goes well with anyone’s style. It makes your room look spacious than it is, thus it is good option for smaller rooms. Apart from white, the second most popular colour is light brown. It is best colour to use for larger rooms, as it brings a feeling of warmth to the room and does not make room look bigger. Another colour which is very popular is red which is used kitchens and bathrooms also with more of a Cranberry tinge to them.

Interior Design Styles Exterior: The most famous colour for painting the exterior of home is white or off-white. Apart from white, other popular colours for home exterior are browns/ tans or blue/grey. In addition to it, you may also use yellows and greens followed by red and pink. The exterior of the house is generally painted to blend in with the neighbourhood area. The brighter the colour used, the harder it becomes for matching it with the permanent fixtures on home.

There are various types of popular home Styles as mentioned below.

Classic Style Description – A classic styled home works best in case of heritage home only and it is composed by planned decoration with symmetrical decor.

Contemporary Style Description – A contemporary look refers to the clean with smooth lines. It is simple style made up from glass, steel, and stone.

Country Style Description – A country style look refers to the use of woods and a clean up-to-date appearance.

Eclectic Style Description – You can get this look by mixing and matching different types of furnishings, woods, textiles and colours.

Modern Style Description – This look comprises of various geometrical shapes and colours like dark brown, black, and chrome.

Interior Design – Displaying Art in Creative Manner

Using the art objects to add beautiful looks to your home is very common. In order to ensure that your art object makes the desired impression, you must ensure that you display them perfectly. It requires creativity on your part to display your art. Let’s discuss the following ways of displaying art creatively.

Usage of appealing hanging apparatus: You can get a creative and attractive hanging apparatus and then hang your art over it rather than mounting your art onto to the wall directly. You can do so by mounting a horizontal bar close to the ceiling and against the wall. You can support your long images with the help of two ropes in such a way that one end of the rope is tied to each corner of the picture and other end of the knot is tied around the horizontal bar. This way, you can hang more than one picture next to each other. It will look like a modern art gallery installation. Thus, you can save your walls from holes drilled into them by displaying the art in this way.

Displaying Art in Creative Manner Make you art lean against the wall: You can place the art objects not only on the wall but also on the floor by leaning it against the wall or any furniture. You can try placing the two different size art pieces together in various ways like one leaning over the other or one partially covering the other and leaving the rest of the art visible.

Maintain the proper level: You should try to keep the same level while displaying the art objects on the wall. The symmetrical looks simply make the entire look attractive. In case you’re aligning a series of pictures on the wall, then you should draw an imaginary line across the wall. You should use this imaginary line as a guide. Once all the pictures are hanged from the wall, you may use a small levelling gauge for checking if they are at the same level. Also, you need to ensure that the pictures should not tilt from one side to other. For that, you may stick some double sided tape to the side corners.

Keeping art on a gallery ledge or shelf: Placing the art objects on a gallery ledge or shelf is another way of displaying them in creative way. You can simply mount a gallery ledge on the wall and then place many pictures across its length. You can show your creativity in arranging the pictures in random manner. You can try the arrangement with pictures of different sizes, putting smaller sized pictures in front and some of them overlapping each other slightly. You can also place pictures on the shelf on the top of fireplace.

Suspend the art by using the ribbons: You can come up with various creative ways in using the ribbons for suspending the art. For suspending the art, you can use 2 or 3 ribbons with thick widths and run them down to three quarters the length of the wall. You can attach one or two pictures one above the other to the ribbons and hang them. By suspending pictures from ribbons this way gives a distinct look to your home decor. You should ensure to use the pictures which are light weight so that they can be easily supported by the ribbons.

You may also use one ribbon for each picture where in you can attach one end of the ribbon at a point on the wall close to the ceiling and loop the other end across both corners on the top of the picture. After this, you may tie the left over end of the ribbon back to the main length of the ribbon.