Interior Design – Displaying Art in Creative Manner

Using the art objects to add beautiful looks to your home is very common. In order to ensure that your art object makes the desired impression, you must ensure that you display them perfectly. It requires creativity on your part to display your art. Let’s discuss the following ways of displaying art creatively.

Usage of appealing hanging apparatus: You can get a creative and attractive hanging apparatus and then hang your art over it rather than mounting your art onto to the wall directly. You can do so by mounting a horizontal bar close to the ceiling and against the wall. You can support your long images with the help of two ropes in such a way that one end of the rope is tied to each corner of the picture and other end of the knot is tied around the horizontal bar. This way, you can hang more than one picture next to each other. It will look like a modern art gallery installation. Thus, you can save your walls from holes drilled into them by displaying the art in this way.

Displaying Art in Creative Manner Make you art lean against the wall: You can place the art objects not only on the wall but also on the floor by leaning it against the wall or any furniture. You can try placing the two different size art pieces together in various ways like one leaning over the other or one partially covering the other and leaving the rest of the art visible.

Maintain the proper level: You should try to keep the same level while displaying the art objects on the wall. The symmetrical looks simply make the entire look attractive. In case you’re aligning a series of pictures on the wall, then you should draw an imaginary line across the wall. You should use this imaginary line as a guide. Once all the pictures are hanged from the wall, you may use a small levelling gauge for checking if they are at the same level. Also, you need to ensure that the pictures should not tilt from one side to other. For that, you may stick some double sided tape to the side corners.

Keeping art on a gallery ledge or shelf: Placing the art objects on a gallery ledge or shelf is another way of displaying them in creative way. You can simply mount a gallery ledge on the wall and then place many pictures across its length. You can show your creativity in arranging the pictures in random manner. You can try the arrangement with pictures of different sizes, putting smaller sized pictures in front and some of them overlapping each other slightly. You can also place pictures on the shelf on the top of fireplace.

Suspend the art by using the ribbons: You can come up with various creative ways in using the ribbons for suspending the art. For suspending the art, you can use 2 or 3 ribbons with thick widths and run them down to three quarters the length of the wall. You can attach one or two pictures one above the other to the ribbons and hang them. By suspending pictures from ribbons this way gives a distinct look to your home decor. You should ensure to use the pictures which are light weight so that they can be easily supported by the ribbons.

You may also use one ribbon for each picture where in you can attach one end of the ribbon at a point on the wall close to the ceiling and loop the other end across both corners on the top of the picture. After this, you may tie the left over end of the ribbon back to the main length of the ribbon.

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