Interior Designs – Home Painting Trends and Interior Design Styles

There are basically two types of home painting trends including interior and exterior colour trends.

While choosing the colours for painting the home, it is advised that you should always paint colours that are stylish. You can think of nature while selecting them as nature never loses its appeal and never goes out of style. It is recommended to use the white, beige, grey, brown, and tan colours in moderation.

Interior: You can choose white colour for painting as it is the most common paint colour and it goes well with anyone’s style. It makes your room look spacious than it is, thus it is good option for smaller rooms. Apart from white, the second most popular colour is light brown. It is best colour to use for larger rooms, as it brings a feeling of warmth to the room and does not make room look bigger. Another colour which is very popular is red which is used kitchens and bathrooms also with more of a Cranberry tinge to them.

Interior Design Styles Exterior: The most famous colour for painting the exterior of home is white or off-white. Apart from white, other popular colours for home exterior are browns/ tans or blue/grey. In addition to it, you may also use yellows and greens followed by red and pink. The exterior of the house is generally painted to blend in with the neighbourhood area. The brighter the colour used, the harder it becomes for matching it with the permanent fixtures on home.

There are various types of popular home Styles as mentioned below.

Classic Style Description – A classic styled home works best in case of heritage home only and it is composed by planned decoration with symmetrical decor.

Contemporary Style Description – A contemporary look refers to the clean with smooth lines. It is simple style made up from glass, steel, and stone.

Country Style Description – A country style look refers to the use of woods and a clean up-to-date appearance.

Eclectic Style Description – You can get this look by mixing and matching different types of furnishings, woods, textiles and colours.

Modern Style Description – This look comprises of various geometrical shapes and colours like dark brown, black, and chrome.

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