Interior Design- How to Decorate a Small Living Room

Soft and Light Hues: Decorating the Walls in a creative way can make a living room looks stunning and happening. You can make a small living room appear larger by painting the walls with “cool” colours such as green or blue. You need to ensure to use darker shades as they reflect the completeness of the entire room. Also, by painting the ceilings with green or blue can increase the height of the ceiling.

Small Living Room Magical Reflective Surfaces: The Reflective surfaces make a small living room appear big with its miraculous effect. If case of large plain wall, it is recommended to use a large mirror with artificial light effects. It will result in most spacious layout for the living room.

Window Treatments: By applying the proper and creative window treatments, you can make render the impression of extra height to the room. You can see this yourself by allowing window treatments move up towards the ceiling. It looks really cool and it can also aid in regulating the air and light flow into the room.

Large Sized Objects: The large sized objects including picture frames, large paintings, large screens, and big patterns, makes a room look bigger and also add to the charm of the living room. These over sized objects appeal a larger space to the living room.

Organise the objects well: You need to organize the various objects in the living room well and it is recommended to keep only those things that are necessary. You should ensure to not pile up unnecessary decorating objects or souvenirs in living room. It is because, if you have more free space, there would be more freedom and clarity in the room. You can do away with large leather couches and use portable and slender furniture.

By following these tips, you can certainly increases the beauty of the living room and decorate it nicely.

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