Interior Design – How to Decorate Study Room

A study room is meant to provide a peaceful environment with plenty of natural light and suitable furniture. It should be away from any type of distractions or interruptions. You can use a study room as a place for paperwork, reading or computer work. You should ensure that the study room is built in quiet place separately from other rooms. While designing a study room, you should take care that it receives proper lighting and thus you need to have one or more windows for proper ventilation. You can choose double glazed window for avoiding noise level from outside.

Decorate Study Room You can fit the windows of a study room with glass shutters so as to avoid dust. Alternatively, you can also fixed glass with minimum gaps. You should get ambient lighting in study room and for that you can do some creative ceiling and wall fixtures. It is required to have a certain amount of ambient lighting in the room while the reading light is switched on for preventing harsh contrasts. You should get flexible reading light on the desk that can be adjusted in height to suit every user. The desk light should be anti-flicker that can be adjusted easily to various angles and directions for achieving the finest illumination.

Also, in case you are using a computer in your study desk then you need to use a suitable light from behind the computer screen for avoiding the eyes from straining. You can also keep a portable floor lamp beside the armchair for reading. You should have appropriate furniture in study room like comfortable chair or smart swivel chair, a writing table, and a bookcase with reference materials. You should keep a study table that consist of storage drawers and built-in cupboards. Bookcase that is used for keeping books and study table can be decorated with colourful coverings for keeping dust away and generates positive vibes.

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