Interior Design – How to Decorate the Wall with Hanging Art

It requires a creativity and effort to display art on the wall in such a way that looks attractive and catches the instant attention. By following the below mentioned points, you can display the art on the wall effectively.

Art Grouping: By grouping the various art objects can renders an interesting touch to the wall. You can group the pictures into two or three sets. If you have odd numbered groups then it suggest a focal point. In case of even numbered groups, you have show case organized effect. You can easily change an even numbered grouping into an odd numbered one by adding a unique element that complements the rest of the group. Using a mirror or a wall designs can be added to make a group.

How to Decorate the Wall with Hanging Art Art and Furniture: You should place the furniture in the room into their positions before hanging the art pieces. Thus, you can use the furniture as a guide for determining the hanging height and positioning of the pictures. It is advised to avoid using a group of pictures wider than the furniture piece lying below it. The proper length should be at least half the length of the furniture. You should not place the picture or the group too low on the wall or too close to the furniture. Also, avoid placing them too high to create gap between the furniture and the picture.

Hang Art at the Right Height: You should take care of not hanging the pictures too high on the wall. It is always better to hang the picture at eye level. You should also consider the purpose of the room before hanging pictures. For example, in case of a dining room or living room where guests will be seated, you should hang the pictures about 5 to 6 inches above the backs of chairs. Similarly, in the hallway or stairway, it is recommended to place your pictures higher as people would be standing upright in these places.

Avoid Cluttering : You should avoid cluttering of the pictures and do not place them too close to each other.

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