Interior Design – How to Select Porch Flooring

There are basically two types of Porch Flooring for your porch including wood and concrete. Wood porch flooring provides graceful looks, however it requires more maintenance as compared to concrete flooring. There is a growing trend of using the concrete flooring for porch because of this reason. There are various options available today in the market for concrete flooring. You begin your house by building a form where you pour concrete for making a slab. After it gets set, you are required to seal it for preventing water from seeping through and causing any damage to the floor. At this point, you can decorate it with creative concrete designs.

Porch Flooring If you would like to have wood flooring for your porch then the Southern Pine is the best choice available in the wood today. This wood possesses natural resistance to decay as well as termites. Also, you can have porch flooring from the wood that will be there for long life. In case your porch has no covering, the construction is similar to the construction of an outdoor deck. Because of its strength and durability, the best lumber to use is 2 X 6. If case you have a covered porch, then you will require a one inch of wood thickness.

It is easy to install the wooden flooring as the wood used in porch floors is tongue and groove. You need to fit the groove on the board into the tongue of one which you have on the floor and simply nail it in place. You are required to cut pieces for fitting in corners and at the ends of the boards. By

interlocking the wood tiles, you will get a cheap option for your porch floor. The main benefit of using these tiles is that it requires much less time and effort for taking them up and create another design in case you want it to change.

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