Interior Design – How to Select the Kitchen Colours

The painting of kitchen with a new and appropriate colour gives it a different and appealing look. You can repaint your kitchen anytime to give it a different feel. The selection of colour for painting the kitchen is a very important task in redesigning the kitchen as it completely sets the tone of the kitchen. You can give your kitchen a great design by picking the right colour. While designing your kitchen, you may select the appropriate colour by considering the effect of various colours on people.

Red: The dark shades of red colour create a feeling of warmth. Red will stimulate and energize the people therefore it is an exciting colour to choose for a kitchen. The kitchen is an interesting place where you prepare your food with wonderful recipes. Using the bright red colour, you may add the excitement in kitchen and prepare great food every day.

 Kitchen Colours Blue: Blue is a cool colour that generates the soft feeling and it can soften bright rooms. However, the blue is not used as a colour in the kitchen. It is said to calm the nervous system. You should ensure to use the lighter shades of blue which make people feel relaxed while the dark shades diminishes the cool effect.

Orange: Orange is another most preferred colour for kitchen after red. By using the brighter shades of orange, you can make your kitchen livelier while using a softer shade will make your room warm and pleasant.

Green: Green colour balances the red and orange shades. If you like green colour then it is advised to stay away from darker shades and stick with the lighter shades.

Yellow: Yellow is an amazing colour for kitchens as it is a stimulating and cheerful colour. You can use lighter shades of yellows for making the kitchen looks larger. It can be used best in combination with another colour.

Black: Black is associated with darkness and despair and hence it is recommended to not use black as kitchen colour.

White: White reflects about 85% of light and makes the kitchen look brighter and larger. As white coloured walls may get easily spoiled so it is not recommended to use white as the kitchen colour.

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