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Stairs are basically a functional and an artistic element of the home that takes you to one portion of the house to another. They define the circulation and movement in the house with their shape and position. You can experiment with your stairs for improving the home decor. The finish of the stairs along with their balustrade and handrails imparts the charismatic style to the interior of the house. Overall, the stairs form an integral part of the house as it is used in moving from one level to another and carrying objects from one floor to other. Another utility of the stairs is their usage as an It can also be used as an emergency exit or a fire escape.

The stairs are categorized into Interior and Exterior based on their position. They can be classified into main stairs, service stairs and portable stairs based on their functions. You can categorized the stairs based on their construction such as Stone stairs, Timber stairs, Concrete stairs, Iron and steel stairs and Stairs from modern materials. Moreover, the stairs are also classified as per their plan form. The straight stairs are those stairs which stretches from a bottom to top level in one straight run and they are very common. The Return (U) stairs are those stairs with two flights of steps running parallel to each other and the landing lies between them. The Circular stairs sweep in a broad curve from moving from one level to other level.

Stair Solutions There are L stairs, double L stairs which forms a 90-degree turn at a landing and Winder stairs that have “pie-shaped” steps which replaces a landing. The Spiral stairs twist around a centre pole and comes with winder steps. While selecting the stair design, you should think about convenient use and safety. Also, the amount of available space will decide the shape of the stairs. Usually, the straight stairs are easy and cheap; however they occupy lots of space. It is a good idea to select

Stairs with a landing (L-shaped or U-shaped stairs) in case you have enough space for them. The Winder stairs can be utilized in case you don’t have sufficient space for the L stairs. The Spiral stairs are used when you have a little space available at your disposal.

You should consider few rules regarding the building of the stairs before constructing a staircase. As per the local regulations, all the treads should consist of same width and all the risers should consist of the same height. The minimum width of the tread is 25cm and the maximum height of the riser is 18cm. You should take care that the stairs should not be steep. The width of the stairs is based on the size as well as the type of the building. Usually, in case of home stairs the suitable width is 100cm. You should have a landing after a specified number of steps (18 steps) and the minimum head height is 220cm.

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