Interior Designs – Window Treatments for Skylights and Sidelights Windows

Windows adds their unique touch to a home decor. There are various types of windows and accordingly, you need to plan the window treatments. In case of Skylights, you should consider cellular shades that add insulation to your window. They are available in single, double and triple cell. The triple cell provides the extreme insulation. Cell shades looks gorgeous and are available in wide variety of colours that compliments almost any décor.

Skylights and Sidelights windows You can purchase the cell shades with a motorized function that is useful for skylights that are out of reach. In case you would like to use an affordable cell shades then you can consider pleated shades that possess good insulating properties and looks similar to cell shades. There is a variety of light-filtering options available in both cellular and pleated shades that allow you to decide how much light you want to filter. Moreover, both these shades are designed specially to work with skylights. They have side tracks for holding the shade in place and permit it to open and close.

The usage of proper sidelights makes the entry way in your home attractive and efficient. You can choose Sidelight shades with the narrow widths and they come in limited choices. However, you can select from other sidelights shades including woven wood shades, cellular shades as well as sheer shades. The woven woods are available in a wide variety of materials and weaves. You can choose the material from bamboo, wood planks grasses, rope, matchsticks, and others. Usually, these materials are often woven together in varying combinations. You can also purchase the optional liners for added room-darkening and privacy. Sheer shades form an adaptable and graceful choice for sidelights. You can select woven woods for the sheer variety of fabric and other material combinations, however cellular shades and sheer shades comes with more universal appeal.

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