Interior Design – Styles of Bathroom Design

The bathroom has evolved in modern times with advanced plumbing and modern technology. It is common to see luxury steam rooms and hydrotherapy baths nowadays in sophisticated bathrooms. Like other rooms in the house, the bathroom is ever changing with creative design trends. Some of the popular bathroom designs include Traditional, Contemporary, Country, Fantasy and Shabby chic.

Traditional: It means Edwardian or Victorian style of bathroom that reflects the standard white bathroom with basic sanitary ware and bath. One of the major features of traditional bathroom is clutter that gives it more of a lived-in effect. You may put lots of pictures on the walls, aromatherapy oils or flowers, and chest of drawers or corner table with scented candles make your bathroom lively. You can also find a large framed mirror, bulky traditional radiator that gives old-fashioned feel.

Bathroom Design Country: It is the easiest design to create and is associated with floral wallpaper, basin frills, high beams, and a bath canopy. Like in case of traditional design, you can find the cast iron baths and deep ridged sanitary ware here. Usage of Wood is common in this design and all types of furniture works suits in this setting such as beech, oak, and maple vanity units and cabinets. This design features either tiles or wooden floors. High level cisterns and pull chains in toilets are common to country bathroom in addition to traditional taps for the bath and basin.

Shabby Chic: It is the difficult bathroom designs to create and thus you need to take a bold decision for creating such bathroom style. It can be seen in full glory at continental house such as French chateau or old Spanish villa. The shabby chic look is a complete mismatch of styles and products. You can do unexpected arrangements as it is not expected to match anything. The pipe work and plumbing are visible instead of concealed. It features cast iron baths and you can use the old fittings at antique shops.

Modern: It is all about the managing the space available to you. In the modern bathroom you will have fitted vanity units, storage units and cabinets for providing you all the space you need. It features wall-hung furniture and wall-hung sanitary ware that offers good space and gives the bathroom a contemporary feel. It has concealed cistern units and shower baths for the comfort of both bathing and showering.

Fantasy: This design allows you to be creative with your fantasies and tastes. It is exclusive to only larger bathrooms with all futuristic interior design and large open spaces. You will have steam caband ins and whirlpool baths for showering and bathing. It features walk-in showers,

wall-hung sanitary ware, basin with pedestal with and a contemporary design. You can enjoy the definitive luxury in a fantasy bathroom in form of waterproof TV.

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