Furniture Market in Mumbai

Furniture market in Mumbai is very famous. There is one which lies between Goregaon and Jogeshwari on the SV road. However, the place is not pleasant due to the sweltering heat, slow traffic, no footpaths, and tin roofed and asbestos shops. However, these inconveniences are endured by the furniture lovers. The furniture market in Mumbai is 25 years old and is the first organized flea market for furniture in Mumbai. There are lots of furniture stores near the Oshiwara Bridge. They are more than just furniture stores and one can see a lot of them stacked with high furniture. The paths of the furniture market are very narrow; however the variety is just awesome.

Furniture Market in Mumbai The market stretches up to a few hundred meters. Specialty furniture is found in each cavernous store. The first few stores comprise mainly of wall units, writing tables, computer trolleys, drawers, study desks and wardrobes. Some of the stores also offer second hand furniture. There are several workshops behind the stores. There is obviously a lot of scope for bargaining and this is surely the best thing. If one is a good bargainer, he can surely get the furniture for half the quoted price. One cal also sees various sections such as seats, diwans, beds and settees. The cost of single bed is very less in the market.

Antique stores can also be spotted in the furniture market in Mumbai. However they are very less in number but obviously very interesting.

While walking into these stores, one feels as if he has entered a garage sale of 19th century. There are many things such as worn out boxes, treasure chests, carved desks, carved four-poster beds that are carved intricately as well as large garden tables. Some stores have three legged stools and chairs that are made up of timber, rose wood and teak. Some pieces of furniture are very uniquely designed. It is not necessary that all the furniture is old. However, a lot of things are done for making them look old. However, one should search a lot for checking the genuineness of furniture. The furniture market in Mumbai appears to be like an open auction. However for getting a good deal, one needs to be an expert haggler.

The furniture market in Mumbai is very tricky. One is not aware whether the truth is being told or not. Sometimes the furniture market acts very tricky. One cannot understand whether he is being told the truth or not. Some great furniture deals and discounts can be surely found there. The parking space available in the furniture market is very less.

Thus if one is visiting the furniture market in Mumbai, one should be a cunning bargainer and a shrewd. This will ensure that one is not duped. The market is just a 10 minute walk from Jogeshwari station. It is suggested that one must visit the furniture market during the day, as during the night the shops are very dimly lit.