Interior Design – How to Get Daylight in Night Time

Daylight in Night TimeWith compact fluorescent light bulbs, you can have sunlight at any time. It is so similar to that of sunlight that you will feel like receiving the sun light from a window at night time. It is possible to design the Compact fluorescent light bulbs for producing a variety of colour temperatures. The term Colour temperature refers to the colour tone of light. For example, the standard incandescent light bulbs offer the low colour temperature up to 2700K or lower. Thus, in order to manufacture incandescent bulbs that offer different colour light, the manufacturers need to coat the glass and change the colour of the light artificially. The compact fluorescent light bulbs can produce natural colour temperatures without any artificial coating on the glass.

Usually, the usage of 2700K or lower colour incandescent light bulbs are common as they are warm, however with 5000K compact fluorescent light bulbs, you can get a bright white light which is comparable to daylight. It looks pretty different from the dull light of gloomy incandescent light bulbs. Some of the CFL manufacturers consider 6500K as the daylight colour temperature; however others regard 5000K as daylight. The usage of daylight in the night time allows you to carry on various activities in the night time.

You can get the desired light with compact fluorescent light bulbs as it provide both the warm/yellowish incandescent light (2700K colour temperature range) as well as bright clear white light(the 5000K range). The appropriate light really makes up the entire mood in your house in day as well as night time. It is preferred to use the bright light in your study room where you want plenty of light even in night time. In other cases, you may use the warm light in the night time.

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