Kids Room Design

The taste and the personality of kids are reflected by the kids’ room design. Some extra efforts are taken by parents for pleasing the choices and preferences of children when it comes to decoration and design of their rooms. However a professional design team cannot be afforded by all the parents. Here comes the cooperation and creativity for the kid’s room design. Given below are 5 tips that help in designing a kid’s room that he can enjoy for many years.

· Kiddie themes must be avoided.

Kids’ Room Design Kiddie themes such as cute animals, cartoon characters and superheroes must be avoided. This is because; kids will not remain small forever. Themed kiddie rooms are very pricey sometimes. The reason for this being the bed sheets, paint designs and color themes.

· A proper color combination must be used.

One should go for casual but fresh color combinations. This will give a youthful approach to the kids room design. Colorful paints can be used on the furniture, ceilings and walls. Fun and youth can be captured can also be captured without inculcating a particular theme. It is very easy to add a color to the room by providing rugs, accessories and kid’s bed sets.

· Quality furniture must be chosen

Quality furniture is always needed in a kid’s room. The cabinets and bed are very expensive and hence it is very essential to choose good quality furniture. A big bed should be brought by the parents for their kids in order to avoid problems during teenage years. Focus is on the aesthetics rather than function and quality and this is surely a big mistake. Some serious fun can also be added to serious looking beds by painting them. This will help in complementing the color themes of the rooms. Some blankets, pillows and colorful bed sheets must be thrown in for making it more pleasing and appealing.

· Storage and organization

Parents must instill cleanliness and organization in the kids. But not all kids clean up the mess after playing. Thus the kid’s room must be provided with baskets and storage bins for maintaining an organized and a clean room. The kids must be given the responsibility of keeping and caring for his stuff. This will help the kid realize the importance of cleanliness. The furniture should be very pleasant and a splash of color should be added to it.

Safe flooring and lights

Kid’s room design must include safe and proper lighting. The lightings are required for studying as well as playing. The kids’ rooms must also include nightlights. But it should be made sure that the lights are kid-friendly and safe. The flooring must also be safe. Soft cushions such as carpets, soft floor mats and rugs must also be provided in the kids’ rooms. It is not necessary that the decoration and design of the room have to be exclusive and pricey. So a proper planning is very essential while designing a kid’s room.

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