Kids Room Interior

There are many things that need to be planned when one thinks of decorating kids’ room. Various things such as color themes, design concept, layout, space for boys, play area, study furniture and décor accents have to be very well thought of. While designing kids’ room interior, their personal preferences, genders and ages have to be taken into consideration.

· Design concept – when parents sit and discuss the design theme with their children, his practical issues and tastes must be considered. Certain themes are outgrown, when the kids grow up. These themes include a fantasy inspired theme or a pirate themed bedroom. Fancy designs that can be replaced and changed easily can be implemented. Mural of pirate figures can be made instead of miniature pirate ships.

· Color theme – The feelings and moods of the people are affected by the colors. People can be made hyperactive and excited by using colors such as orange, yellow and red. Colors like blue and green give a very calming effect. Moderate colors that help in maintaining and creating a moderate tone balance should be used. However, warm and strong colors must be avoided as the room is overwhelmed with many energetic colors. Bright accent colors can be used on canvas wall art and lampshades. When one wishes to change the color themes, the décor accents can be changed with pieces in other colors. While designing kids’ room interior, neutral colors must be maintained in large areas so the whole room is not repainted.

· Sleeping furniture – If there are two or more kids who will be occupying the room, storage beds or bunker beds should be used. These beds are multi-purpose and very space saving. 3 kids can also be accommodated by some beds.

· Layout – the floor and layout must be planned very properly. This should accommodate the play area, the bed, shelves for toys and books, wardrobe closet and study table. If one doesn’t have a spate study room or a play room, it is very important to have all these in one room. The floor must be planned in such a way that the furniture pieces do not crowd the room.

· Wardrobe and storage – cabinets and fitted shelves must be installed in the room for minimizing a cluttered look. If the surroundings are cluttered, children will not be able to study. As kids grow, they accumulate more and more junk in their rooms. Vertical cabinets, wall shelves and corners must be used for saving space. Free standing cabinets must be used for preventing furniture from toppling over kids. Double purpose furniture like chairs, tables and storage beds must be used with hidden storage bins.

· Décor accents – Appropriate canvas wall art must be used for beautifying the kids’ bedroom. A color combination must be used in accordance with the bean bag and rug in the bedroom. Lamps with cartoon prints or shades in bright colors must be used for decorating the room. The window dressing must also match the concept theme and the color.

Thus, designing kids’ room interior involves lot of enjoyment and fun.

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